Hi there! Thanks for coming by and checking out my art.

After a recent trip to Scotland, where sheep are natures natural lawn mowers. I was instantly drawn to the sustainable simplicity of wool, and wool felting.

I returned home enthusiastically exploring the medium for the last year. With the landscape as my primary inspiration, I draw additional inspiration from modern felters, ancient Chinese and Japanese silk paintings, as well as French impressionism. 

I believe in practicing a sustainable lifestyle. A healthy mind, body, and soul, which all need a healthy planet to live on. My art explores personal values and highlights environmental awareness and appreciation. My wool paintings are designed to be worn and not just hung on a wall. Art moves us and moves with us, so I want people to enjoy wearing my art!

I focused on plein air painting during my studies at Hunter College NY, Stony Brook University NY, and Chautauqua New York, and recently started re-examining the figure and re-exploring the landscape.